Friday, March 15, 2013

Do Water Irrigation Systems Replace the Need for Flossing?

Oral irrigation products like Waterpik systems or water jets can be very useful in removing retained food particles from hard-to-reach areas between your teeth. However, using these systems should not replace your daily flossing routine. These devices help dislodge bits of food that can sometimes get stuck between teeth, but they do not help in removing plaque. Only regular brushing and flossing (along with regular dentist check-ups) can keep plaque buildup at bay and maintain a truly healthy smile.

Of course, if your dentist has recommended you use a water irrigation system for your teeth, you should follow your dentist's advice. These products can be very effective for people whose traditional manual oral hygiene is less than ideal. In some cases, a dentist will recommend an oral irrigation system along with antibacterial solutions to help maintain the health of periodontal patients. Patients who may benefit from oral irrigation the most include those with orthodontic appliances, implants, crown and bridge work, diabetes, or gingivitis.

Like any other self-care dental device, oral irrigation systems are most effective when used on a daily basis - unless your dentist instructs you to do otherwise. These devices should be a complementary action to a patient's daily dental care routine - it should NOT be a substitute for it.

For more information on water irrigation devices for your dental health, talk to Dr. Simon Melcher. He can help you determine if using these devices is right for you and your lifestyle. Contact Implant & General Dentistry at our website or call us at 919-782-0548 to schedule an appointment.

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