Friday, April 29, 2016

What Actually Causes Bad Breath?

An estimated 65 percent of the American population suffers from halitosis, or bad breath, according to research from the Washtenaw District Dental Society. That's more than half of the country! With so many people afflicted with this unfortunate condition, it makes you wonder just how bad breath comes to be, and why - even when you think you've eliminated the problem - it can easily come back.

According to dental hygiene experts, halitosis is caused by bacterial activity in the mouth.

"Bacteria in your mouth feed off mucus, food remnants and dead tissue cells," says professor Mel Rosenberg in a TED-Ed video. "In order to absorb nutrients through their cell membranes they must break down the organic matter into much smaller molecules. For example, they'll break proteins into their component amino acids and then break those down even further into various compounds. Some of the foul-smelling byproducts of these reactions, such as hydrogen sulfide and cadaverine, escape into the air."

Pretty disgusting, huh?

To avoid this bacterial activity, practice good oral hygiene and practice it often! That means brushing your teeth after each meal, flossing at least once a day, and making regular trips to see your dentist for professional cleanings.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Clean Your Dental Hygiene Routine!

With gorgeous spring weather already here and summer on it's way, there is plenty to smile about! Of course it is also that time of year when our minds turn to spring cleaning and new beginnings. Why not start by improving one of your most precious assets?