Friday, March 1, 2013

Mouthguards for Children While Playing Sports

Should my child wear a mouthguard while playing sports? The answer is yes and so should you! Please don’t think that mouthguards are just for kids who play football and hockey. The American Dental Association’s website cites several studies that have shown the benefit of mouthguard protection, even for noncontact sports such as gymnastics and skateboarding. In fact, the research conducted by those in the field of sports dentistry reveals that, “everyone, from children to adults, should wear a mouthguard during any recreational activity that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth, including practice and training sessions.”

Since the use of mouthguards has been shown to reduce the risk of injury significantly, as a parent, you must make it your job to see that your child’s teeth are protected. Injuries that cause severe damage to the dental structure can be very painful, potentially disfiguring, and often require months of corrective therapy. This is why the ADA endorses the preventive value of orofacial protectors. According to the ADA’s site, those include helmets, faceguards, and mouth protectors. They should be used by anyone participating in activities where there are any levels of injury risk.

Mouthguards are essential for anyone with braces or bridgework. They can act as a cushion between the soft tissue of your lips, tongue, gums, and cheeks. They can also serve as a shock absorber and limit the damage caused by an injury. Mouthguards are made of a very flexible material and come in several different models.
  • One size fits all-inexpensive ones
  • Boil and custom fit models
  • Custom made mouthguards from your dentist, which will have the best fit
All mouthguards should:
  • Be odorless and tasteless
  • Be tear resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Stay firmly in place
  • Not limit talking or breathing
  • Be replaced with any signs of wear
Usually mouthguards are just for the upper teeth. However, for those with braces, bridges, or retainers on the lower teeth, having your dentist make a custom mouthguard is advised.

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