Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alternatives to Dentures

If you have little to no non-restorable teeth, you may be thinking that dentures are the only option. Not so! With advances in dental treatments, many offices now provide implant and support choices for their patients.

Strategically placed implants can now be used to support permanently cemented bridges, eliminating the need for a denture. The cost tends to be greater, but the implants and bridges more closely resemble the look and feel of real teeth.

The dental implants are small appliances that are inserted into the upper and lower jaws in order to help restore the mouth by replacing individual missing teeth or supporting an existing bridge or denture. Dental implants are becoming the popular alternative of choice to dentures, due to their many advantages.

Advantages of implants over traditional dentures:
  • Reduces movement of dentures, bridges, crowns and other dental work.
  • Facilitates proper chewing.
  • Provide support and improved stability for removable dentures or fixed bridge work.
  • More closely resembles the "feel" of natural teeth.
  • Enhances the patient's self-confidence, as speech and appearance are often improved.
Although dental implants are becoming a popular alternative to traditional dentures, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. Talk to us today about your best options for tooth restoration: 919-782-0548

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