Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dentures and Partial Dentures In Raleigh NC

Dentures and partial dentures are used to replace natural teeth that are missing and are designed to have the look and feel of natural teeth.  Not only will dentures help improve the structure of your mouth, they will also help improve your health and appearance.

Dentures prevent the sagging of facial muscles, which makes a person with no teeth or many missing teeth look much older. Removable Partial Dentures can be removed and reinserted without professional assistance. Partial dentures also enable you to eat and speak normally, little things often taken for granted until natural teeth are lost.

Dentures consist of replacement teeth and tissue-colored plastic bases which are connected by a metal or plastic framework. The process of creating custom dentures starts with the dentist taking impressions of your upper and lower jaw and matching the color of your existing teeth to the replacement teeth in the denture.  The impressions and other instructions are sent to a dental lab where your partial dentures are made to exact standards.  It is then returned to the practice and adjusted for comfort and fit with the patient.

Here are some tips on how to care for your mouth and gums while using dentures:
  1. Brush your gums, tongue, and palate every morning with a soft-bristled brush before you insert your dentures to stimulate circulation in your tissues and to help remove plaque.
  2. Regular dental checkups are needed so we can examine your mouth and dentures to ensure a healthy and comfortable fit.
Dr. Simon Melcher with Implant and General Dentistry has extensive experience with fitting dentures and partial dentures.  If you need dental work done, including dentures or partial dentures, then please contact Dr.Melcher with Implant and General Dentistry in Raleigh today: 919-782-0548.

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