Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teeth Whitening Treatments in Raleigh NC

Everyone wants a bright, white smile. Unfortunately it can be tough to keep your pearly whites from getting dingy, dull or yellowed.

Even with proper dental hygiene, many factors can affect the color of your teeth. Drinking coffees and sodas, smoking and even some medications can cause tooth discoloration.

By avoiding tobacco use, cutting back on food or drinks that stain your teeth and maintaining a healthy dental hygiene routine, you can avoid further discoloration. Keep in mind, however, that these practices alone won't necessarily give you the ultra white smile you so often see in magazines or television. If that's what you're looking for, you may need to consult your dentist about teeth whitening agents.

At our Raleigh NC office, we offer simple in-house teeth whitening treatments that are fast and effective. We also offer a range of over the counter products that can be used at home; however these methods will not work as quickly or dramatically as the procedures done in our office.

To learn more about teeth whitening in Raleigh NC, visit TheRaleighDentists.com or call us today at (919) 782-0548.

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