Friday, January 27, 2012

Teeth Whitening Treatments at our Raleigh NC Office

Teeth Whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure at Implant & General Dentistry in Raleigh, NC.  Patients who are interested in teeth whitening have a few options. 
  1. We can recommend over-the-counter whitening agents.  These products, however, will not whiten your teeth as quickly or as effectively as treatments delivered at our office.
  2. Some whitening procedures are done in our office with one visit.
  3. Additional use of the whitening treatment will produce improved results.
The procedure for in-house teeth whitening is demonstrated with descriptive photos here: Teeth Whitening, Raleigh NC.  Soft transparent trays are filled with the whitening gel.  The trays fit tightly over your teeth and are worn for the prescribed time, overnight or during the day.  Additional treatments produce improved results.

Some of the teeth whitening brands we offer and recommend at our Raleigh NC Dentist office include: Bravo, Brite Smile, Day White Excel 3, Night White Excel 3, NuproGold, Xtra Boost, Zoom, and Zoom 2.

To inquire further about teeth whitening treatments at Implant and General Dentistry in Raleigh, please request an appointment or call us at (919) 782-0548.

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