Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring and Summer-Time to Eat Healthy!

Spring and summer can be busy times for families with kids. Some sports are gearing up, there’s Easter, spring break, and then those lazy, crazy days of summer. Time spent running here and there, plus spending hours in the car is typically the rule and not the exception. This is also a period in which healthy habits may fall by the wayside. Crazy schedules force us to dash here and there and “grab and go” foods become a mainstay.

Of course the problem lies in the fact that most of those “grab and go” choices are not the healthiest. Not only do they sabotage a healthy diet, they can also lead to tooth decay. Resorting to the drive through may be the only choice from time to time. However, it does not have to be! Check out these tips to stay on track with better food choices during the spring and summer:

Make your grab and go options an alternative to sugary, salty processed snack foods. Keep baggies of washed and cut up fruits and veggies in the fridge. We already know that fruit is nature’s candy! Crunchy or salty cravings can be satisfied with individual snack size bags of bite size cheese, whole grain crackers and pretzels, wholesome nuts, seeds, and veggie chips.

Speaking of chips, look into purchasing a small dehydrator. They are relatively inexpensive and considering the cost of kale or apple chips, they pay for themselves several times over. Just think….sweet potato chips with cinnamon, garlic/lemon zucchini chips, pear chips, dried peaches with vanilla, plums, figs…mmmmm!

This is also the time of year when local farmers markets begin to reopen. Make shopping directly from the farmers a family affair. Something magic happens when youngsters have hands on experiences and make the connection that the foods they eat do not actually come just from only the supermarket! And…this is one of the best sources for healthy food choices.

Designate two snack baskets or boxes-one for home and one for the car. Fill them with healthy options so you will always be prepared.

Make water the hands-down beverage of choice. Invest in a few appealing (packaging is everything!) BPA-free water bottles. Keep them chillin in the fridge for the best grab and go thirst quencher around!

Another important "to-do" item for your overall health? Regular visits to the dentist! Give us a call at 919-782-0548 to be sure you are up to date, or to schedule an appointment.

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