Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Find ADA - Approved Dental Products

With so many products on the market promising whiter teeth, fresher breath, and fewer cavities, sometimes it's hard to know which ones you can really trust. That's why it is always best to locate items bearing the American Dental Association's seal of approval. Do keep in mind that an ADA seal is not an endorsement, but aimed at guiding consumers to more reliable products when interpreting labels on dental health products.

When the ADA seal of approval is present it shows that the product has gone through a rigorous scientific and safety review by qualified dental professionals. Being able to post the ADA seal is a privilege for the manufacturers of everything from floss to sugar free gum to rinses and toothbrushes. Even denture cleansers and water filters have the opportunity to go through the ADA's inspection process. Gaining this esteemed approval is not easy, which is why ADA recommended items typically surpass higher standards than those required by law.

Search ADA Approved Dental Products Here.

In an effort to promote dental health and ensure that Americans are able to obtain the very best dental hygiene and anti-cavity products, ADA testers must prove that items perform as they claim to. That is why such claims are verified before the seal is earned and even before the products go on supermarket and drugstore shelves.

Dr. Simon Melcher and his team of highly skilled and professional dental hygienists are happy to make suggestions regarding which ADA-approved products will maximize your dental routine. Please call us to schedule an appointment: (919) 782-0548

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