Friday, May 3, 2013

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Cavities

It seems that there are a few lucky folks who inherit great genes when it comes to their teeth. They may never have any serious issues if they follow their dentist's guidelines for brushing, flossing and regular check-ups. However, there are many more individuals who must pay careful attention to maintaining their dental health.

Whether it is a matter of diet, genes, environment or other health issues that place some of us in more jeopardy when it comes to tooth decay, there are a few simple steps that will reduce the risk of cavities.
  • Frequent Brushing - Brushing after every meal and snack is not just something to encourage small children to do! Establish this habit now for a lifetime of better dental health.
  • Avoid Snacking Between Meals - Snacking between meals can be detrimental to your teeth and gums. Problems arise because snacks are often not a "whole food" or nutritionally sound choice, and brushing afterwards rarely happens. That's why it is best to avoid between meal snacking entirely. Hungry? Drink water!
  • Stay Away from Sugary Foods and Drinks - Sugar is lurking everywhere! In addition to common white sugar and high fructose corn syrup, there are over 20 possible added sugars that may be in your food! This includes naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables. They all  present problems for the teeth. Sugars have the tendency to adhere to teeth and the bacteria in your mouth combines with these sugars and releases acid, which is the main cause of tooth decay. It's so simple - stay away from sugary foods and drinks! If you must have them, brush, floss, and rinse immediately afterwards.
  • Drink Water! Rely on basic, unprocessed food and beverage choices for your meals and snacks. Water is hands down the beverage of choice.
Preventing cavities through good nutrition and excellent dental habits is your best bet to maintaining a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.  Call Dr. Simon Melcher at Implant and General Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with the dentist and dental hygienist: 919-782-0548

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