Friday, February 15, 2013

Caring for a Child's Baby Teeth

Why is it important to fix baby teeth that have decay; aren’t they going to come out soon anyway? The condition of a child’s teeth and gums establishes their future dental health, which is why it is vital to take excellent care of them. Even though they will lose their baby teeth, when decay is present, it will impact the development of the permanent teeth.

Unfortunately, today’s children are exposed to more sugary and processed foods than ever before. That fact alone is why parents of young children need to be extra diligent about their children’s oral health. Cavities form very quickly with youngsters, which is also why it is so important to help them brush and take care of their teeth. Although baby teeth will come out, when tooth decay is present, the permanent teeth will suffer. Common problems that occur when early childhood dental care is overlooked are:
  • Weak permanent teeth
  • Teeth that come in stained
  • Pits and irregularities within the tooth enamel
Think of the baby teeth and their supporting gums as the foundation for the permanent teeth. When that foundation is jeopardized, the child’s future dental health is on shaky ground. Establishing good habits and making regular visits to your family dentist will ensure that your child’s oral health is on the right track and stays there! See Dr. Simon Melcher to ensure the health of your children's teeth, now and in the future.

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